Cherry Battle

Cherry Battle

Line Exclusive


400 g


red, yellow


20-35 mm



About the product

Another exclusive product in a favorite line of our customers! A real vitamin explosion – a mix of yellow and red cherries. If you haven’t decided which tomatoes you like best, or if your family members seem to like both, “Cherry Battle” would be your perfect choice. The mix looks equally spectacular in a fresh salad and as a vegetable addition to second courses.

Using Battle as a stand-alone, 100% healthy snack is also a great idea. Fine cherry tomatoes weighing no more than 30 grams will satisfy both adults and children. Both the bright red and yellow tomatoes would make a mouthwatering detail to turn an ordinary meal into a unique feast of flavor.

Taste, natural tomato flavor, as well as juicy and sweet-and-sour flesh are the main yet not the only advantages of cherry mixes. These varieties are marked by a high content of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. The yellow cherry tomatoes are traditionally recommended for those prone to allergic reactions, while the red ones have an increased sweetness level (up to 8.5 points on the Brix scale).

In ECO-Culture’s greenhouses, all vegetables are grown in a natural substrate, without the use of any growth stimulants. Instead, only natural agro-technical methods are applied, which guarantees the perfect ecological purity of the end product.

On the shelves, the Cherry Battle tomatoes are available in plastic packaging.

About the collection

The line features premium varieties and hybrids of tomatoes grown exclusively by ECO-Culture in our country. In stores, customers often do not pay much attention to varieties, assuming that there is no particular difference between those. The Exclusive brand is to show you the opposite! Each product from this collection is a unique gastronomic discovery that will tell you something new about fresh and juicy tomato flavor. “Cherry Dark”, “Red Desire”, “Tomatinho” and other exclusive varieties are a real treat for those who are looking for natural sweetness in tomatoes combined with the health benefits and eco-friendliness. You can add Exclusive tomatoes to salads, second and first courses or use them as a delicious and healthy snack for children and adults. Try it yourself and don’t forget to tell your family and friends about our new products!

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