Cherryeshki Family

Cherryeshki Family

Line Cherrieshki


450 g




20-30 mm



About the product

Cherryeshki Family are a perfect choice for family picnics in the countryside. Red cherry fruits weighing 11-20 grams differ in sweet taste that will be appreciated both by children and adults. These can be served separately as a nutritious snack. Not only that, but they also look just fine in salads and second courses.

Miniature Cherryeshki Family are a great way to indulge your loved ones with delicious and healthy vegetables. Vitamins and nutrients, as well as the antioxidant lycopene, anthocyanin, and plant-based fiber – all these components help to normalize digestion while having a beneficial effect on cellular processes and strengthening the immune system.

On the shelves, Cherryeshki Family come in a convenient and attractive craft box.

About the collection

A unique line of tasty and eco-friendly tomatoes dedicated to the adherents of a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer three combinations of exclusive cherry tomato varieties coming in environment-friendly and convenient packaging and designed to quickly and efficiently restore energy and strength when there’s no time for a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The “Family”, “Active”, “Kids” labels will help you easily find a product that fits you and your family members perfectly. The rich taste and natural sweetness will make you fall in love with “Cherryeshki” at first tomato!

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