Cherryeshki Kids

Cherryeshki Kids

Line Cherrieshki


250 g




20-35 mm



About the product

Want to delight your children with a delicious and healthy treat? Try buying them Cherryeshki Kids. The delicate fruits weighing 12-30 g do not resemble boring vegetables at all – tomatoes of unusual brown color have a sweet taste and contain more useful nutrients and vitamins than those of traditional varieties. The sugar content level based on the Brix scale is also rather high making children fall in love with bright and delicious Cherryeshki at first tomato.

All the tomato varieties from the popular Cherryeshki line are grown in new-generation greenhouses using original agricultural methods. The cultivation conditions are as close to natural as possible, with a lot of sun, warmth, and only natural methods of plant protection and fruit-bearing stimulation being used.

Cherryeshki kids are a limited-edition product. In retail, they are offered in a handy and environmentally friendly packaging.

About the collection

A unique line of tasty and eco-friendly tomatoes dedicated to the adherents of a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer three combinations of exclusive cherry tomato varieties coming in environment-friendly and convenient packaging and designed to quickly and efficiently restore energy and strength when there’s no time for a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The “Family”, “Active”, “Kids” labels will help you easily find a product that fits you and your family members perfectly. The rich taste and natural sweetness will make you fall in love with “Cherryeshki” at first tomato!

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