Red Desire
Red Desire
Red Desire
Red Desire

Red Desire

Line Exclusive


200 g, 250 g, 400 g, 500 g




20-30 mm



About the product

The Red Desire premium cherry tomatoes are probably one of the sweetest and most delicious! They have a juicy fleshy texture with every fruit weighing about 11-14 grams. The flavor of these tomatoes has exquisite notes and will become a gastronomic discovery even for the most sophisticated gourmets. They are just perfect for salads and also suitable for both everyday dishes and specialities. Moreover, they play a decorative role in serving. Miniature fruits have a distinctive tomato flavor, high vitamin content and are recommended for slimming and therapeutic diets.

The Exclusive trademark by ECO-Culture holding offers an elite kind of varieties grown in modern greenhouses in environmentally friendly conditions. The company has exclusive rights for the production of premium vegetables in Russia – we give our customers the opportunity to make new gastronomic discoveries and buy really unique products at an affordable price.

On the shelves, the Red Desire tomatoes are coming as a bunch and loose and are available in several packaging options.

About the collection

The line features premium varieties and hybrids of tomatoes grown exclusively by ECO-Culture in our country. In stores, customers often do not pay much attention to varieties, assuming that there is no particular difference between those. The Exclusive brand is to show you the opposite! Each product from this collection is a unique gastronomic discovery that will tell you something new about fresh and juicy tomato flavor. “Cherry Dark”, “Red Desire”, “Tomatinho” and other exclusive varieties are a real treat for those who are looking for natural sweetness in tomatoes combined with the health benefits and eco-friendliness. You can add Exclusive tomatoes to salads, second and first courses or use them as a delicious and healthy snack for children and adults. Try it yourself and don’t forget to tell your family and friends about our new products!

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