Ekologichno s lyubov`yu

Red Plum Cherry Tomato
Red Plum Cherry Tomato
Red Plum Cherry Tomato

Red Plum Cherry Tomato

Line Ekologichno s lyubov`yu


250 g, 500 g




15-25 mm



About the product

Sweet and juicy, these plum-shaped cherry tomatoes will be appreciated by all gourmets. Neat, smooth, and bright fruits weighing 10-15 grams have a high sugar content as measured by the Brix scale. It makes the tomatoes a healthy, low-calorie snack to eat as a treat, make vitamin salads, add them to first and second courses, or even pickle them.

The plum cherries have an increased content of vitamin K, thus promoting the adequate absorption of calcium, as well as lycopene that prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Interestingly, lycopene cannot be destroyed by heat treatment. Meanwhile, serotonin, which is also found in mini tomatoes, is known to improve mood and save us from seasonal depressions.

When you choose to pick any package of “Eco with Love” line, you will surely experience the perfection of balanced taste and natural tomato flavor. This is the result of care and respect shown by ECO-Culture to the process of tomato growing. Only environmentally friendly methods of plant cultivation are used in the greenhouses of the agricultural holding. It means that no growth stimulants or chemical means of protection against pests are being involved.

The tomatoes come in craft paper boxes with protective film in 250- and 500-gram packages, as well as in 250-gram plastic shakers.

Red Plum Cherry Tomato Red Plum Cherry Tomato Red Plum Cherry Tomato

About the collection

The product line’s name is an exact reflection of the main qualities of tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce grown in the greenhouse complexes of ECO-Culture agricultural holding. These are delicious, juicy, and safe vegetables of the most demanded and popular varieties grown in perfect conditions under the careful supervision of our experts.

Light, water, warmth, and good nutrition are the main components used in the greenhouses to produce environmentally friendly and truly healthy products. The balance between price and quality can be appreciated not only by buyers but also by retail chains. The “Ekologichno s lyubov`yu” line products packed in attractive yellow and green cardboard boxes can be found in the nearest supermarket all over the country.

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