Biological protection methods

Environmental cleanliness is the most important advantage of ECO-Culture company’s products. We managed to achieve the complete safety of tomatoes by implementing innovative agricultural solutions in the production process. We have completely abandoned the use of chemicals in favor of biological methods of plant protection. The dangerous tomato pests (whiteflies, aphids) are controlled by their natural enemies – entomophages. These are predatory bugs, which exterminate pests during the whole period of plant growth and development.

We breed our natural assistants in special laboratories (insectariums). Enthomophages require special care and protection, as well as specific conditions when being transported to greenhouses and strict population control. This is the only way to achieve a perfect balance in complex ecological systems inside the greenhouse complexes. However, the result is definitely worth all the effort!

By choosing products offered by ECO-Culture holding, you get not only tasty and fresh vegetables but also a guarantee of environmental safety for yourself and your loved ones.