Drip irrigation

For plants, water is a source of life and growth. And while there are many ways to organize the water supply, when it comes to greenhouse cultivation, the preferred method of watering is drip irrigation. This technique provides individual nutrition for each plant. Drip irrigation system allows not only to keep a plant watered but also to deliver mineral fertilizers directly to the root system.

In our greenhouses, the very process of watering and fertilizing is fully automated. The computer analyzes air and soil humidity indicators, the temperature regime inside the greenhouse, takes into account the plant’s life stage, time of day, and other parameters. After that, based on the data obtained, it can turn the irrigation system on or off.

The key advantages of the drip irrigation system we use:

  • mineral fertilizer coming in the form of a water solution;
  • water and mineralfertilizers delivered directly to the root system;
  • large areas watered with minimal labor costs;
  • a significant amount of water resources saved.

Nowadays, the drip irrigation technique is the most environmentally friendly method of watering plants as it reduces the demand of the greenhouse complex for water resources. In the greenhouse complexes of ECO-Culture holding, the effect is enhanced by the use of a closed system of water consumption. All water used for irrigation is later accumulated in a special drainage level, then purified by a multi-stage system and can be reused for technological needs.

This way, we considerably reduce the impact of the company’s operation on the environment. In addition, the technology used allows us to cut down significantly the cost of the final products, which makes our vegetables more affordable for consumers.