Pollination by bumblebees

When it comes to growing tomatoes and other vegetable crops, ECO-Culture holding strictly adheres to environmental standards. To stimulate the fertility of plants and increase yield, we use only biological methods. One of them is using bumblebees for pollination. This is the most effective and safe way to accelerate the process of ovary formation on tomato plants and increase the number of fruits produced.

The physiological peculiarities of the bumblebee body structure (relatively large body size, weight) ensure a perfect transfer of pollen from flower to flower. In addition, their activity also has an additional effect known as “buzz pollination”. Meanwhile, some characteristics of their vision – the ability to perceive ultraviolet light invisible to the human eye – allow bumblebees to precisely locate flowers with ripened pollen in all kinds of lighting conditions. Furthermore, the presence of bumblebees in the greenhouse is a guarantee that no flower will be left unattended.

The key advantages of bumblebee pollination:

  • substantial yield increase (up to 20 percent);
  • improved fruit quality.

In our greenhouse complexes, bumblebees live in comfortable hives. Each of those is equipped with a container with a specially prepared food that ensures the vitality of the insect family throughout their stay in the greenhouse. The hives inside our greenhouses provide the perfect conditions for the bumblebees to perform at their best.