Tomato grafting

In the greenhouses of ECO-Culture holding, we use only biological methods of increasing yields and plant protection. One of the safest methods that have a positive impact on the quality and quantity of fruits is tomato grafting. The idea is that the sprouts of exquisite variety tomatoes are enhanced by a powerful root system of wild tomatoes. As a result, the plant becomes more resistant to any environmental influences, while the fruits are getting sweeter and more flavorful.

The procedure is extremely labor-intensive as it requires working individually with each plant. In the ECO-Culture greenhouses, the grafting process is completely automated.

The impact of grafting on tomato development and yield:

  • the root system gets strengthened;
  • the risk of developing diseases is reduced – once grafted, the plants acquire strong immunity;
  • higher yields when growing hybrid plants on already rooted bushes;
  • tomatoes become more resistant to any adverse factors.

The grafting also allows experimenting with varietal and hybrid qualities by modifying different crops during one season.

The tomato grafting procedure is an example of how a separate technological process can be automated. It is a set of such solutions complementing the general level of automation that becomes one of the significant factors to improve the holding’s competitiveness.